A downloadable VR Experience

MEPTIK presents: "VR Music Video:  Emily Rowed - 'Bloom' ",  a free VR experience for anyone who wants to 'be' in the music video. Explore the fantastical world of magical fireflies and butterflies in a field of hundreds of flowers, surrounded by Emily's voice that breaks your heart open and pours butter down your bones. 

'Bloom' is the second single off her upcoming EP, releasing November 12th, 2021. Itʼs an optimistic look at changing, itʼs about unfurling, expanding.

The official music video for Emily Rowed’s 'Bloom' was filmed at Arc Studios, the first Nashville-based virtual production studio powered by award-winning video production company Gear Seven in partnership with the Atlanta-based virtual production team at MEPTIK. It was made by using cutting-edge extended reality or XR technology. Extended Reality, the consolidation of real and virtual elements, is quickly becoming the new standard in the film and music industry. The virtual environment was created in Unreal Engine and displayed on a 500+ sqft LED wall powered by Disguise servers.


vr-music-video-emily-rowed-bloom-windows-beta.zip 1 GB
Version 1 Oct 13, 2021

Install instructions

To play the VR Experience:

  1. Unzip file
  2. Drag file to desktop
  3. Have Oculus VR App running
    1. If using Oculus Quest 2 make sure you are using Oculus Link (cable preferred)
  4. Make sure you have "Unknown Sources toggled on
    1. Oculus App
      1. Settings
        1. General
          1. Unknown Sources
  5. Turn on desktop mode with your headset on
  6. Open the folder
  7. Double click the application
  8. Press right trigger when prompted


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I want to play this just with desktop. How do I start the experience after I open the unreal file? There' s no RT key on the keyboard i wonder is there any shortcut instead?